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Salad Chef Review

Salad Chef Official Site

Salad Chef Official Site

It is no secret that salads are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. A fresh salad with plenty of vegetables, fruits, a few slices of chicken breast, fish or turkey, and a light dressing of your choice not only tastes great but is also rich in a variety of nutrients. Unfortunately, making a great salad is no piece of cake. The cutting and chopping alone can take half an hour or more. Tossing, serving and storing it is no mean feat either, and you can then see why so many people don’t eat salads as frequently as they should. Fortunately, with a device like the Salad Chef, you can make delicious salads in minutes, not hours.

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The Salad Chef essentially takes all the tasks associated with making a salad – cutting/chopping, tossing, serving and storing – and puts it together in one easy to use box. Billed as the world’s fastest salad making system, the Salad Chef allows you to rinse, spin, slice, dice, shred, cube, grate, seal and store, all in one handy container.

The Salad Chef consists of a lid that includes a chopper/dicer/slicer. The lid fits right onto a large container. Instead of chopping vegetables and fruits and transferring them one by one into a salad bowl, you can simply attach the lid to the container and use the in-built chopper to slice, dice cube and cut your favorite vegetables and fruits, all of which collect in the container. Just add a dressing of your choice, and you have a great salad ready within minutes.

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The secret of the Salad Chef is its combination of high end, commercial kitchen technology with plain old common sense. The blades are made to the highest standards of German precision engineering, and the box itself is made from high grade plastic that is virtually indestructible. The end result is that the blades can perform a variety of functions – chopping, dicing, slicing, grating, cubing, etc. – within seconds. And since the cut vegetables and fruits collect in the container, all you need to do is add your favorite dressing for a great dish. Additionally, you can also use it to chop together vegetables for stews and delicious soups!

The long list of the health benefits of salads does not need to be reiterated here. Salads are easily among the healthiest of dishes, loaded with nutrients and fiber. The Salad Chef, since it makes it so much easier to make virtually any salad imaginable, should be a permanent fixture in any kitchen. Not only will you eat healthier, but will also save time and energy. At just $19.95, the Salad Chef is great value for money that cannot be recommended highly enough.

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Salad Chef Official Site

Visit Salad Chef Official Site

Salad Chef, The Chef Salad ?

Salad Chef bills itself as the world’s fastest salad making system. But does it actually live up to these claims? Find out more in this review.

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